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Our Director of the Company, Joanne Mills actually started out in the Industry back in the early 1990’s in Soft Furnishings. 

It was here that her passion for creating hand made bespoke soft furnishings actually lead her into The Interior world of Design.

Taking a career break for a while to bring up her two children, It wasn’t long before Joanne was back in the thick of it again creating flawless Interiors throughout London and The South East, then moving onto Europe and Further afield, The Middle East. 

In her own words, ” A home should tell a story about you, your muched loved treasured possessions,  thoughts, ideas, & creativity picked up from your very own travels and daily commutes. It will have a distinctive smell that defines you, and a personal flow of furniture and homewares that are adapted to suit you ”

Being able to connect with the Client and completely understand their very own brief is what Jo does best, and she has passed this on to all her team with great understanding, building a fantastic brand at IBJM and beyond.